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UAlbany News Center: Utilizing Big Data to Advance Research in Psychology, Anthropology, Linguistics, and Sociology (July, 2015)

Advanced Research in Computational Social Science

The objective of this research is to advance the emerging field of computational social science broadly understood as concerned with (a) exploiting algorithmic methods to capture and encode the insights into human behavior by social science, including psychology, anthropology, linguistics, sociology, among others, as well as (b) developing computational tools that will help accelerate scientific discovery in these fields. Specific areas of interest include natural language processing, computational sociolinguistics, sociocultural issues in language, social dynamics in groups including persuasion, cross-cultural communication and conflict resolution, as well as comparative studies across languages and cultures.

This effort aims to assist the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) in developing a world-class computational social science lab complementing its effort in network science and related disciplines as part of the ARL Open Campus initiative. This project will significantly advance the state-of-the-art in the emerging field of computational social science. Specifically, it will develop and validate novel methodology for studying language and human behavior using computational methods that are firmly grounded in social science theory. It will enrich and complement the work done in network science and social network analysis, often described jointly as “social computing” by focusing on both the content of communications and the sociocultural and behavioral aspects of the actors.  By including analytics based on natural language processing and sociocultural semantics, our research aims to go beyond purely mathematical modeling approaches in advancing the understanding of complex human communications.


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