Course Structure


By 11:59 pm on Thursday, students will be required to send/upload reading responses to Instructor/TA for the paper assigned in the prior week. The reading responses must contain a summary of the paper and a list of questions to be discussed in class. A template for reading responses is provided for students to fill out as below. Responses will be evaluated on the quality of insights, but are informal and will not be evaluated for grammar or formal writing style.

Reading responses will answer the following questions given in the template:

  1. What is the main problem or issue that the authors are addressing?
  2. Provide a short summary of the authors’ approach.
  3. What are the main strengths and/or weaknesses of the approach?
  4. Provide at least 1 question regarding the paper that you’d like to address during class discussion.


Each student will be assigned to one of the readings after the first day of class. That student will prepare slides on the reading and lead an in-class discussion on the reading assignment. For the week you present and lead a discussion, you do not need to complete a reading response. The presenter will create slides, and send to Instructor/TA by 11:59 pm on the Wednesday before the class. Presentation and discussions will be peer-reviewed. Students are to comment on and assign scores for different components of the presentation and discussion Template for feedback will be provided and will be based on:


Class participation will be evaluated on the basis of student involvement during discussions and in lectures. Being absent from class more than 2 times without explanation will result in loss of class participation grade.


Sample dataset from Twitter and possibly some computational tools will be provided. 3 homework assignments over the course of the semester will cover the concepts discussed in class.


Multiple-choice questions, 4 short quizzes over the course of semester. Quizzes will be administered in class, during first half-hour. There are no exams in this course.


Submissions will not be accepted late, (no exceptions). Partial credit will be given for submissions that are turned in on time, but incomplete; so turn in whatever you have by the deadline.

*Note*: This page is constantly being updated. Please check back often for updates.